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Walk of Fame

Little Hollywood Walk of Fame

Hollywood's "Walk of Fame" has hundreds of the famous and near famous enshrined in brass and concrete, each with his or her star set permanently in the dusty sidewalks of Hollywood Boulevard.

Well. . .Utah's Little Hollywood, Kanab, has its walk of fame, also-dusty it may be, as well, but it's the red dust of the old west. Nothing so overwhelming in number as that of Hollywood, CA, but the great and near great who made memorable movies in Kanab are immortalized in their own special "Walk of Fame." Ronald Reagan, producer Howard Koch, Tom Mix, Ben Johnson, and the entire cast of Gunsmoke are found immortalized on the streets of Kanab. Each year movie greats are added. Among other plaques are those honoring Glenn Ford, Chuck Connors, George "Gabby" Hayes, Jim Davis, Whitney "Whit" Parry, Lex Barker, Peter Ford, Denny Miller, Ed Faulkner, Peter Brown and many more! Come and see!


You can still visit the set of "Gunsmoke," and walk into Miss Kitty's saloon. The streets are still dusty, and the scenery is still unmatchable, but Marshal Dillon is no longer there to face down the bad guys-only the spirit of the times remains.

Tom Mix

"Deadwood Coach" 1924

The movie industry discovered Kanab early on. "Deadwood Coach" was the first film made in Kanab, and Tom Mix, the hero of every kid who grew up in the 1930s, the first star.

Ben Johnson

It would not be an overstatement to say that Ben Johnson knew the streets of Kanab like the back of his hand. This popular character actor started his film career as a stuntman. Many is the mouth-full of red Kanab dust that rugged cowboy collected in this exciting local.

Walk Of Fame

It takes more than fame to be remembered in this special place. These movie greats all have one thing in common. They came to Kanab to make movies.

You can come to Kanab and help celebrate this special aspect of American movie making. Come join us in the old west at the Western Legends Round-up!

Dale Evans

Adrian Booth

Ronald Reagan

Howard W. Koch

Fay Hamblin

Dale Robertson