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Dr. Buck’s Wild Bunch and cast of Wild West Performers entertain with tricks, stunts, bullwhip cracking, gunfights, story telling, and magic. These will be all new shows for 2018!

This Kanab Favorite has it all! From “All New for 2018”, Wild West Comedy Stunt Shows, featuring “Reel” Hollywood stuntmen, with plenty of Punches and Punch Lines, and of course some fun audience participation! Lee Anderson and his wonder horse Concho, once again brings audiences some enlightening “History Meets Hollywood” information! The Wizard of the West, Mysterioso will amaze and amuse with his unique brand of magic! NEW this year. . . “The Wild Whip Cracker”, with a bullwhip traveling at 750 MPH–it’s bound to be a Wild Show you won’t forget! Plus, as Dr. Buck has been doing for nearly 10 years at Western Legends Roundup–there will likely be a few ‘explosive surprises’!

Special Guest Performances by:

  • Dr. Buck, Hollywood Stuntman
  • The Wild Bunch: Wild West Comedy Gunfight & Stunt Shows!
    • Lightnin’ Rick
    • Sourdoh
    • Shorty
    • Tom B.
  • Mysterioso: Amazing and amusing Magic–with the “Wizard of the West”
  • Lee Anderson and “Concho”: Nationally known Cowboy Historian, Horse Trainer, Author and Storyteller
  • Special Guest: Greg DeBeneditti!

All this and more on the Street Fair. Three Free shows:

  • Thursday @ 3 PM
  • Friday @ 4:30 PM
  • Saturday @ 4:30 PM

Free Admission. No ticket purchase required.