Mountain Men Exhibits

Friday Aug 25, 2023 All Day Saturday Aug 26, 2023  All Day

Old western demonstrations and handicrafts.

About the Mountain Men:

The best way to keep history alive is to live it! They belong to a historical group, Rocky Mountain Mountain-Men or RMM.

  • We plan to teach those who come to visit about the pre 1840 fur trade era, and the importance it played in the founding of the country today. Utah played a big part in this.
  • We will be teaching about old firearms, a display of pelt’s we call the petting zoo and we will demo the old way of fire starting with flint and steel.
  • There will be a Blacksmith doing everything the old way! He makes beautiful knives, forks, fry pans and fixes old rifles.
  • They will also have a bar to ‘belly up to’.  Root Beer is the strongest thing served!

The Mountain Men  you will meet ,Crawdad, Jane, Pokey, Duck Butt, Two Feathers and Swim’s Good.

Come to our camp a visitor, leave our friend!

Make sure to stop by and visit at 100 E and Center St. (between the Kanab Center and Parry Lodge).


As a group, the Mountain Men take mountain trek’s that last 3 to 4 days and do everything the old way. The trek in the photo below is Marysvale Mountain, they hiked up to about 10,000 feet elevation. The nights were cold as it was early June, they even had a bear come visit at night.