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Jared Rogerson

Country music singer and songwriter

Much of Jared Rogerson’s songwriting draws from the 17 years he devoted to riding wild bareback broncs on the rodeo circuit, along with thousands of miles atop broke saddle horses traversing the rugged mountains near his home in Pinedale, Wyoming. His respect for both the tame and unruly are underlined in his lyrics which depict modern themes of love, heartbreak, determination, and defiance from the optimistic perspective of an ever changing West.

From his early youth, much of Jared’s spare time was often occupied writing songs, though it wasn’t until his sophomore year in college that he finally purchased his first guitar. He casually learned new chords over the next several years until one final rodeo wreck spurred him into taking his music more seriously. Now, Jared sports an L-shaped scar on the inner joint of his riding arm where the biceps tendon was re-attached. Not the worst of his injuries, but it occurred at a pivotal moment in his life. “I like this scar. It gave me the opportunity to escape with my life and chase a different dream.”