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Western Legends Roundup 2015 featured guest Bruce Boxleitner appears in the fifth part of the series, discussing his casting in “How the West Was Won” after guest starring in the second-to-last episode of “Gunsmoke” and being held responsible – in jest – for its cancellation after its twenty-year run.

Boxleitner credits James Arness as his mentor, having taught him what it was to hold a starring role in a television series.  He also reminisces about the beauty of the red rock canyons outside of Kanab, Utah, and how he took advantage of Arness’ height of nearly 6’7″ to stand in his shade while filming!

According to Bruce, being cast as Luke Macahan alongside established actors such as Eva Marie Saint (“Kate Macahan”, who also starred in the 80s series “Moonlighting” and more recently voiced the role of Katara in “The Legend of Korra” ) and Richard Kiley (“Timothy Macahan”, who won two Tony Awards for his roles in “Redhead” and “Man of La Mancha”) was both a pleasure and a privilege.

Cliff Emmich, who played the role of bartender in the pilot of “How the West Was Won”, points out to the rest of the audience that Bruce was inducted into the Cowboy Hall of Fame in 2012 – made possible by his rise to stardom as none other than Luke Macahan.

Don’t miss your opportunity to see Bruce Boxleitner at the 17th Annual Western Legends Roundup!

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