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Buy tickets for the Wagon Train Ride now.

Come join us for a wagon train ride through some of the most spectacular scenery in the American West – where many Hollywood Western movies were filmed for decades in many locations surrounding the historic town of Kanab. Come ride on the same trails as John Wayne, Clint Walker, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Maureen O’Hara, Ava Gardner, Clint Eastwood and dozens of other prominent actors and actresses.

The 2018 Wagon Train Trek

Our wagon train will descend from the high mountain bluffs near Bryce Canyon National Park, then through the Grand Staircase-Escalante Nat’l Monument into Johnson Canyon, past the old ‘Gunsmoke” TV series set and into Kanab to enjoy two more exciting days of festivities. Cowboy poets and Western musicians will accompany the train and entertain us nightly around the campfire. Hot breakfasts and Dutch Oven dinners will be provided by a local Chuck-Wagon style caterer and comfortable authentic cowboy camp with tents, cots, and bedding – just like the old West! This could be the chance of a lifetime to actually mark this experience off the ‘bucket list’!

Riding Since 1999

Many of the wagons, teamsters, and Outriders that will be participating are seasoned trail veterans of numerous treks sponsored by the Utah Western Heritage Foundation since 1999. Some of these very same wagons participated on the Mormon Trail Re-enactment Trek of 1997, Provo Sesquicentennial Trek 1999, Spanish Fork, UT to San Bernardino Trek 2001, Promontory Point Nat’l Monument to Bear Lake across southern Idaho 2004, City of St. George, UT  Sesquicentennial Trek in 2011, Mt. Carmel Jct. to Rockville, UT near Zion Nat’l Park in 2012, the Back Country Horsemen of America’s 40th Anniversary Wagon Trek of 2013 along the top of Skyline Ridge in central Utah, and previous treks from Sp Fork to Western Legends Festival.

Western Legends 20th Anniversary Ride

So to honor the 20th anniversary Kanab’s annual Western Legends Roundup–join us again this year and provide an opportunity for any out-riders or ‘wanna-be-wranglers’  on this 50 mile route, over 4 days and 3 nights, to the Kanab Western Legends Roundup! We are also offering ONE-DAY experiences on our Wagon Train Trek. You choose the day (Aug 20-23).

For more information and to purchase your for the Wagon Train Ride GO HERE.

Our entire entourage – wagons and outriders, will participate in the grand ‘High Noon’ parade on Saturday the 25th as hundreds of festival attendees and tourists line the streets to celebrate our great Western heritage.

On Friday our wagons will offer half-day rides and tour of the historic old ‘Movie Fort’ just a few miles southwest of town.

So if you love the West – the scenery and anything/ everything ‘Cowboy’ — plan to join us and make your reservations now. Visit the festival website for photos and video from previous treks and more updates, fee schedules, maps and itinerary at

We hope to see you on the Trail!